Dark Brightness and Shattered Light.


This page used to be empty. There was a blog called Dark Brightness that linked directly through here, that ran quite nicely from 2009 until March 2012

Unfortunately, the blog's database file was corrupted. Attempting to reinstall it led to massive breakage. This means that the new blog (of the same name) starts from 10th March, and all previous data has been lost.

As part of the re-installation, I have separated out my photographs and placed them in Shattered Light.

There is a new site, Darkness Talks that has notes on running impress.js presentations and other issues around teaching without using powerpoint or libreoffice. The amount of traffic here is quite low.

I'm also afraid that, since the database wordpress had was quite corrupted, I cannot restore the old blog, nor find any data within it. I have therefore deleted the relevant dataset.